Does Fabuloso Attract or Repel Roaches?

Man handling cleaning liquid as fabulosoFabuloso is a popular multipurpose cleaner among homeowners due to its disinfectant properties. It is safe and non-toxic to humans and pets, but what about the bugs? Does Fabuloso attract roaches? No, it doesn’t. In fact, it repels and kills multiple insects.

Cockroaches have a unique sense of smell. Because of this, they can’t stand the fresh floral fragrance of Fabuloso and prefer to stay away. When used directly on roaches, this scent can choke roaches to death.

You must know how to use Fabuloso to repel roaches. This guide lists everything you need to know about using Fabuloso on cockroaches. So let’s get started!

Does Fabuloso Attract Roaches?

Fabuloso doesn’t attract roaches. Instead, it consists of multiple acidic components with a strong, floral scent that cockroaches don’t like. This makes it an excellent roach repellent and exterminator. Directly spraying this solution on the cockroaches can eventually kill them.

You can Fabuloso on several surfaces to disinfect them from bugs and common household insects. It comes in various flavors and is non-toxic, so you can use it around your family members.

Does Fabuloso Repel/Kill Roaches?

Although Fabuloso is non-toxic for humans and pets, it causes significant damage to insects and bugs. Its acidic formula and strong scent keep roaches away from your home and can even kill them on direct contact.

Fabuloso consists of many citrus ingredients and other components, including:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Lactic acid
  • sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Glutaral
  • Citric acid
  • Colorants

These components work wonders in eliminating germs and roaches nesting in your home. However, this disinfectant may not repel or deter roaches for a long time. Nevertheless, it makes a safe roach repellent and killer.

How Can You Use Fabuloso to Repel Roaches?

Fabuloso is an excellent multi-purpose cleaning solution that protects your home from germs. If you’re particularly looking to repel or kill roaches, go for lavender-flavored Fabuloso.

Lavender separately can kill roaches. However, combined with the acidic component of Fabuloso, it can cause tremendous damage to these bugs. If you love the fresh fragrance of lavender, your home will be surrounded by it for a long time.

Here are 3 ways you can use Fabuloso to make your home roach-free:

Spraying the Solution Directly on the Roaches

The quickest way to repel and kill roaches with Fabuloso is by targeting the roach directly. The spray enters the respiratory openings or spiracles of these bugs and eliminates them instantly.

But since roaches move super fast, it can be quite hard for you to achieve. So look for places in your home with a high roach infestation, such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and window crevices.

As soon as you spot a roach nest, spray Fabuloso on the entire colony. Doing so will cause more damage than targeting each roach separately.

Mix With Ammonia

Ammonia has a strong, pungent smell that cockroaches despise. It not only repels roaches but kills them with direct contact. Ammonia targets the exoskeleton of these bugs and breaks it down.

You can combine ammonia with Fabuloso to cause more lethal damage to the cockroaches. It will create a strong solution that you can use to deep clean different floor surfaces. You can spray the mixture on your home’s damp and dark places and gaps and cracks in the walls.

Ammonia and Fabuloso repel and eliminate roaches for a long time.

Add Boric Acid

If you have been trying to repel roaches for quite a time now, you surely know the effectiveness of boric acid on these bugs. The compound works amazingly in repelling and killing cockroaches, but it doesn’t give quick results.

So add a few heaps of boric acid in Fabuloso to enhance the power of both compounds. Like ammonia, boric acid also makes a robust roach-repellent solution.


Can Fabuloso Kill Roaches?

Yes, Fabuloso can kill roaches on direct contact. It is a multipurpose home cleanser that removes germs, disease-causing bacteria, and cockroaches from your home.

What To Mop Floors With To Get Rid of Roaches?

You can use Fabuloso to mop floors to get rid of roaches. It has a fresh, floral smell that gives your home an amazing fragrance while repelling and killing cockroaches. Lavender Fabuloso works wonders on all household insects, particularly flies and mosquitos.

Will Fabuloso Keep Roaches Away?

Yes, Fabuloso will keep roaches away because of its acidic components. These include Sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate, Sodium chloride, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, lactic acid, glutaral, and citric acid. All of these ingredients give Fabulosa a strong smell that roaches hate.


Fabuloso is a readily-available disinfectant that is safe to use around humans and pets. It is non-toxic for you but causes immense damage to pests and bugs. It has an acidic formula and a strong floral smell that roaches despise and humans love.

Here is how Fabuloso works on roaches:

  • It doesn’t attract cockroaches but repels and kills them.
  • You must spray it directly on cockroaches to eliminate them.
  • Mixing it with other natural roach repellents, such as boric acid and ammonia, can give you quick results.