Does Listerine Kill Roaches

Girl pouring listerine mouthwash in the cup

Cockroaches may not be as harmful as other pests, but they definitely are nuisances. Think about the time when they attacked the left-over tacos you saved for your weekend Netflix night.

Honestly, no matter how many anti-roaches we use, these pests just pop out of the corners anyway.

Tackling roaches is hard work, especially if you’re allergic to chemical-based insecticides. Their fumes can adversely affect your health, so you might want to consider a natural solution to control them. Worry not; you’ve got it already – your mouthwash!

Mouthwash consisting of Listerine are effective roaches killer if you know how to use it properly. Listerine’s four essential oils, eucalyptol, menthol, thymol, and methyl salicylate, work effectively on killing roaches instantly.

If you have no idea how to use Listerine to cleanse off your home from these annoying creatures, we got your back. So keep on reading to know everything about it today.

Can You Use Listerine to Get Rid of Roaches?

Listerine kills cockroaches when they come in direct contact with it. It is an antibacterial and antiseptic component of mouthwash, specially designed to target bacteria and bacteria-containing elements.

Listerine has a strong peppermint smell that cockroaches absolutely hate. It works effectively on all the moving and hidden cockroaches in your home.

Using Listerine to get rid of cockroaches as a pest control method, has several benefits. Some of them include:

  • It’s safe for humans and pets.
  • It doesn’t contain hazardous ingredients.
  • Easily accessible in the nearest drugstores.

How Does Listerine Kill Roaches?

Listerine works wonders in killing roaches due to the essential oils it contains. They are harmful to pests and bugs, including cockroaches. These essential oils include:

  • Menthol
  • Eucalyptol
  • Methyl salicylate
  • Thymol

All these ingredients play roles in coping with roach infestations, particularly eucalyptol. It is a primary component in Listerine and an active ingredient of all pests-repellent sprays and products.

Eucalyptol is extracted from tea trees. It can be pretty toxic in higher doses. However, as a whole, Listerine tackles cockroaches due to its potent antimicrobial properties.

The Journal of Dental Hygiene says that antiseptic mouthwash can pass through bacterial cell membranes and kill these microorganisms simultaneously. When used on cockroaches, it performs the same function.

Similarly, the mint oil present in Listerine also enables it to kill German and American cockroaches, according to the Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology.

How to Use Listerine to Kill Roaches?

Pest control technician disenfecting cockroach infested area

You can create powerful cockroach repellents with Listerine in three ways:

Mouthwash and Water

Follow the below steps to make a mouthwash and water roach-repellent:

  1. First, add mouthwash to a bowl of water in equal parts.
  2. Next, transfer the solution to a clean spray bottle and mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it.
  3. Now, shake the bottle properly and spray it all over the house. The best way is to spray the mixture directly on the cockroach infestations under your furniture or behind the refrigerator.
  4. Repeat this method every 2-3 hours of the day until the last cockroach vanishes from your home.

Mouthwash and Peppermint Oil

The second method requires you to mix mouthwash with peppermint oil. These steps will guide you to do it flawlessly:

  1. First, take half a cup of mouthwash and mix 5-6 drops of peppermint oil into it.
  2. Next, shift the solution to a spray bottle.
  3. Now, add around two cups of water to the bottle and shake it well.
  4. Lastly, spray the prepared Listerine solution everywhere you think cockroaches are living.

Mouthwash and Hairspray

Hairsprays are sticky. When you use them on cockroaches, they clog their breathing pores and choke them to death.

These sprays are water-soluble, so cleaning your furniture, floors, and refrigerators won’t be a problem. Here is how you can use Listerine and hairspray as a roach-repellent:

  1. First, open your hairspray bottle or pour it out into a bowl.
  2. Now, add a few drops of Listerine to it.
  3. Stir well and spray it directly on the cockroach infestations.

Does Listerine Kill Roaches Instantly?

Cockroaches die within a few hours of coming in contact with an effective roach-repellent solution. So, you can expect to see dead bodies of roaches everywhere in your house if you spray the mixture every 2-3 hours.

However, that’s not it. You should keep using your Listerine cockroach killer for several months after the initial process. This will keep the cockroaches away from entering your home.

If you still don’t have your home attacked by cockroaches, you should prepare any anti-roach mixtures beforehand. Then, spray it around the outside of your house to warn roaches.

On the other hand, if your house is already under attack, you should spray the solution onto cockroaches directly whenever you spot one roaming around. Doing so gives instant results.

Can Listerine Repel Cockroaches?

Yes, it can. Cockroaches dislike the odors of several essential oils, including menthol and eucalyptus. These oils enable Listerine-based solutions to ward off the roaches away from your home.

Listerine itself has a very distinct, powerful smell that is an effective cockroach repellent. If cockroaches spot Listerine in your home even from a distance, they don’t come near your home. Thus, no nest building in your walls and cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

People frustrated by roach infestations more commonly ask the following questions:

What is Listerine?

Listerine is an active ingredient of your mouthwash, possessing exceptional antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In addition, it can penetrate through bacterial membranes in your mouth, helping it to kill cockroaches the same way.

Can Mouthwash Kill Roaches?

Yes, mouthwash containing Listerine can kill roaches. However, not every mouthwash has Listerine, so check the ingredients label before using it.

How Do You Make a Homemade Listerine Roach Killer?

You can make a homemade Listerine roach killer by mixing mouthwash with water, peppermint oil, and hairspray. Mix significant amounts of mouthwash with any of these three things and spray the solution directly on cockroaches for instant results.

The Bottom Line

Controlling the cockroach population is difficult. But if you know the right ways to tackle it, doing so won’t be impossible for you.

Unfortunately, many people are allergic to chemicals used in anti-roach sprays. So, the best way to go is to use natural ingredients present already in your home, like mouthwash.

Listerine-based mouthwash has a strong minty smell that keeps the roaches away . It has strong antimicrobial properties that allow it to pass through the bacterial membranes inside your mouth and kill the microorganisms. It does the same to kill cockroaches too.

When you mix it with water, peppermint oil, or hairsprays and spray on the infestations, you can even directly kill them.

Remember to keep repeating this process every 2-3 hours a day and several months after you’ve eradicated the infestations. Preventing roaches from entering your home should be your utmost priority.

If things ever go out of your hands, you can contact a professional cockroach terminator service to help you out.