Killer Home Remedies for Roaches (Quite Literally!)

Simple home remedies to kill roaches

Are you getting bugged by bugs and roaches? Though common in many households, these insects are still a nuisance to deal with. Whether they infest the kitchen or bedrooms, these little creatures are not just disgusting but also bring with them disease and infection.

The thing with roaches is that:

  • They run very fast
  • They are hard to kill
  • They multiply really fast!

So it doesn’t take long after the first sighting that there would be multiples crawling in and out the walls and doors. Usually, the first thing you’d do today is check for a solution on Google or Quora – and what do you get? Hundreds of ways to get rid of cockroaches once and for all.

But do these home remedies for roaches really work? Are these foolproof and effective? That’s what we are here to find out.

What Brings Roaches to the Home?

Now the big question is, what lures these pests in the home? Surprisingly, control is relevantly easy once you know what attracts these insects.

  • Dirty Dishes. It’s common to find these insects feasting on the leftovers in the sink at night. Make sure to rinse or wash the dishes and never leave food crumbs or dirty dishes lying around at night.
  • Stray Crumbs. The second most common luring factor is the food crumbs that fall on the floor. True, it’s normal for food crumbs to fall off the table onto the floor, but try to keep things as clean as possible. Regular mopping and sweeping can do the trick.
  • Garbage Can. Disposal of garbage is not just important for general cleanliness in the home and to ensure no insects get attracted to the smell and food.
  • Moist Environment. Try to fix all leakages from pipes and faucets as and when they occur. These can lead to mold, insect infestation, and disease.
  • Unsealed Entry Points. Make sure you close and seal as many entry points as possible to keep your home insect-proof. This includes appropriately lining the place under the door, fixing cracks in the window pane, closing all holes, etc.

Do Home Remedies for Cockroaches Work?

When these crawlers take over the home, it is natural to get disturbed and think of a quick fix. So we often go with the very first home treatment we read or heard about. Many of these actually work, but yes, some are just hearsay and may actually make the situation worse.

However, as per research, it is best to avoid using pesticides and other commercial products on these pests. These products only make the subsequent species stronger. So the upcoming generation can be more deadly and bring forth more diseases and infections than known to humankind already.

The thing is, you need to act before the situation gets out of hand. Cockroaches breed at a surprisingly fast rate, and any delays in tackling the crisis can make matters worse.

So strategize and employ the right home remedies to get these bugs out of the house for good.

Do Home Remedies Work on All Types of Roaches?

Before you make that icky face, let us tell you why it’s important to know the common types of roaches. Since you have to deal with them, it’s important to know what kind they are, what home remedy will kill them, and hence how to strategize and deal with the infestation.

You have to know your enemy, right?

So while there are 4500 species of roaches, the most common cockroaches we find in homes are either American or German.


German Roaches

American Roaches

Color Light brown Dark brown
Size 0.5 – 0.625 inches 1 – 2 inches
Physical Appearance Two dark parallel running stripes on the back Figure 8 pattern on the back of the head and has wings
Harmful Aspects Do not bite Can infect and bite

The German roaches are difficult to kill, as they hide behind appliances and other dark places. These multiply really fast, so chances are if you see a few, there are many more on the way. So it will be wise to contact professionals to control this infestation.

Whereas the American roaches are easier to kill. The preventive measures we’ll discuss here help significantly reduce the chances of their infestation.

Top Home Remedies for Roaches

Cockroaches are not only a nightmare for some people, but they are disgusting creatures and carry disease and infection. They roam in dirty places, such as dumpsters and garbage cans, and pick up disease-causing bacteria and allergens from there.

When roaches enter your home, they spread these bacteria wherever they crawl on. Dangerous, right?

So here are some easy, DIY methods to kill the roaches and make your home safe and free from disease. The best part is you can easily find the products or ingredients used in these at home or your nearest market.

Here are 8 of the best strategies to keep your home clean and free from roaches:

Boric Acid

The first line of defense against these annoying pests is boric acid. It works as a neurotoxin and kills the roaches by destroying their gut.

You can easily get this at the stores and sprinkle the powder around nooks and corners, drains, etc., wherever you find these roaches. However, if some of these outsmart you and tend to – somehow – avoid eating the powder, you can try mixing it with food.

Make boric acid food balls using food crumbs or leftovers for the cockroaches to dine on and die. However, be careful if you have toddlers or curious kids who love to explore around the house.

Diatomaceous Earth

The second most widely used and recommended home remedy for roaches is diatomaceous earth (DE). It is composed of tiny algae fossil particles, which are super sharp and come with super jagged corners. Hence they work as weapons and scrape off the exoskeleton of these insects.

Without the exoskeleton, the roaches eventually get dehydrated and die. Although it doesn’t work as an instant killer, it is very effective if placed in the right corners and a generous amount.

Baking Soda

The benefits and uses of baking soda go beyond cleaning and scrubbing. When combined with sugar, the powerful agent works as a great mix to get rid of the roaches. Sugar acts as the attracting agent while baking soda kills.

However, you will have to spread a vast layer all over your place to get rid of an infestation. So we can assume that this one works only when there isn’t a complete infestation in the house.

Isopropyl Spray

Many people find it easier to get rid of pests using DIY sprays. Isopropyl spray is one widely used home remedy for insect control. However, like other commercial pest-killing sprays, ensure all safety measures when preparing and using this spray.

The isopropyl spray is flammable and can cause respiratory problems.

Another thing is to use this only if you can match the pest speed. The roaches are fast and since you need to spray on the target point, make sure to aim right and spray fast lest they escape.

Soaps and Detergents

Believe it or not, making DIY sprays of soaps and detergent works well too for spraying the insect on point. Again that doesn’t work instantaneously or exterminate the entire population of roaches but is effective and easy to do at home.

You can use dishwashing liquid, detergent, or fabric softener and spray directly whenever you find a roach loitering around your territory.


Make a mixture of citrus and water and place it wherever you think you see more of these insects. The smell is a huge turn-off and works like a charm to ward them off your property. Another way to get the same results is to keep citrus peels or grated peels sprinkled around the house to keep them at bay.

This preventive strategy helps keep the insects away and minimizes the chances of having a full-blown infestation in your home.


Traditionally, neem has been used to kill roaches and other house pests by people. It is an effective way to kill roaches, whether in oil or powdered form. You can even use it as a spray and spray all over the house, behind cabinets, inside drawers, etc.

This way, if the cockroaches are hiding anywhere, they will come out and leave the premises.

Call the Experts

If, after trying all the home remedies above, it still doesn’t get the job done for you, it’s time to let the experts in. The professionals are equipped to take care of all kinds of infestations, and once they know the species they are to deal with, they can come up with tools and equipment to get your house fumigated and clean.

Tips to Keep the Home Roach-Free

Remember these tips only work once these insects have entered your house. A better way to keep your home clean from such pests is to take preventive measures.

Here are a few tips you can easily follow and keep your home clean and safe:

  • Regularly clean your home, including all nooks, corners, floors, and windows.
  • Wash your dishes and dispose of the crumbs and leftovers.
  • Clean the counters, stove, and all areas where food may be lying around and attract these intruders.
  • Put out the garbage daily before sleeping.
  • Inspect all problem areas regularly once or twice a year and ensure all cracks are closed and no open gaps allow the roaches to enter.
  • Sweep and mop the floors daily.
  • Keep the home clutter free so there are no spaces for them to crawl into and hide.

Remember, keeping your home 100% roach-free may be hard, but these tips can put your mind at ease by limiting access.


How To Get Rid of Roaches Naturally?

You can easily get rid of roaches using natural DIY home remedies like

  • Sprinkling or making Boric acid balls around corners and other places you find the roaches
  • Using a solution of baking powder and sugar, and keeping
  • Spraying natural oils like peppermint, oregano, eucalyptus, and neem to ward them off
  • Using diatomaceous earth

What Is the Best Homemade Cockroach Killer?

A mixture of boric acid and sugar or simple boric powder is your best bet to get rid of roaches in the house. You can even use food as bait and roll up the boric powder to make small balls to attract them.

Alternatively, diatomaceous earth (DE) also works wonders in killing the roaches quickly and more effectively. Simply sprinkle the powder on high-roach infested areas or directly on these bugs to get your desired results.

What Natural Smell Keeps Roaches Away?

Roaches usually hate all citrus scents, so any place that reaks the odor will send them away. You can also use cinnamon, peppermint, coffee grounds, garlic, or bay leaves to keep them at bay.

You can make a home repellent and spray it all over the place to keep it roach free. Vinegar and bleach work well as strong repellents as well.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Roaches?

A mixture of borax and white sugar works like magic to make the roaches leave the premises for good. Sugar makes it a bait, and as soon as the cockroach consumes borax, it dehydrates its insides and kills it instantly.

How to Get Rid of Roaches With Home Remedies Without Killing Them?

If you simply wish to repel the roaches, you can lay around bay leaves, catnip, and hedge apples and use garlic sprays and cucumbers around where you usually find them. Another powerful agent is ‘gentrol.’ It is an insect growth regulator that weakens the reproductive system of the roach but doesn’t kill it.


So here we are; we have discussed everything from the best killer strategies to combat roaches in the house to the preventive tips to keep your home safe.

  • Remember, it’s always better to do something about the roaches before the problem gets blown out of control.
  • Home remedies are the first line of defense against these pests.
  • Boric acid and baking soda are easy to find and place and keep the house safe from roaches.
  • The best way to combat the issue is to take preventive control, keep things clean and orderly, and sweep regularly.
  • If things still don’t improve, you should get professional help immediately. Call the exterminators fast before you, and your loved ones get ill or infected.