Why Do I See More Roaches After Bombing Or Treatment?

Pest control expert treating cockrach infested area with a sprayEvery problem comes with a solution, but roach problems never seem to have one specific remedy. No matter what insect repellants or cockroach traps you place, these pesky bugs always have a backup plan.

Fortunately, cockroach bombs could be a promising fix. However, you may become more disgusted by increased roach sightings after the treatment. But don’t worry; roach bombs don’t produce these results instantly.

So, you may see cockroaches scuttering around your house after the treatment, but they may soon bid you farewell. That’s because the poison gets absorbed into the roach’s system, which the bug may transfer to other colony members upon contact. Thus, killing the entire roach infestation.

However, cockroaches have gradually grown immune to insecticides and pesticides. So, you must think better and combine the chemical treatments with other effective solutions.

Therefore, if you see more roaches after a roach-killing spree, read this post to learn what it means and what your next step should be. In addition, we’ll also share a few handy tricks to help you get better results from cockroach treatments.

Can Roaches Survive a Pest Control?

Although the chances are low, roaches can survive pest control. Insecticides contain neurotoxic compounds that create a knockdown effect. So, cockroaches usually ingest these chemicals as soon as they come in contact with them.

Some cockroaches also absorb the toxins through their skin. However, these chemicals vary in effectiveness.

For instance, a study discovered that insecticides containing bendiocarb and diazinon can be ineffective at controlling roach infestations in apartments. That’s because the bugs prevailing in those homes were immune to diazinon and bendiocarb sprays.

Moreover, the results also showed that both of these chemicals are ineffective at killing roaches and hazardous to humans.

Therefore, you should check the spray packaging to know what active neurotoxic chemical its formula contains. You can opt for safer and better alternatives like:

You should check if the roach-killing treatment you used is effective or not. Do it by inspecting the pests’ usual hideouts and keeping an eye on them, especially at night.

If you find a few cockroaches still lurking around, you must wait for at least two weeks before applying new chemicals.

Is It Normal to Spot Roaches After Treatment?

Yes, it’s completely normal to spot cockroaches after exterminating them. This is because roach treatments do not kill the bugs instantly. Instead, roaches may get more active and wander around the space at lightning-fast speeds.

Roaches adopt this behavior because they are:

  • Upset by the treatment, so they act impulsively
  • Forced out of their usual habitat due to the toxins and need to explore new territories for a better home
  • Hungry due to scarcity of food sources and must satisfy their appetite with new treats

You can also expect to see several roaches immediately or within a few days after the pest control method. However, the phenomenon may vary with multiple roach treatments.

So, if you’re not sighting any roaches after spraying, then it is likely that they:

  • Died instantly or after awhile
  • Are resistant to the treatment

This is because roaches have become immune to certain insecticides. So, if you spray a previously-used chemical on cockroaches, these pests may resist the poison better than before.

Will I See More Cockroaches After Bait Station Installations?

Of course, you’ll find more cockroaches scuttering your home after installing a bait station.

Roach bait stations usually consist of a food source combined with an active liquid toxicant that slowly kills the roaches. The mixture works by luring roaches to eat the bait with a delicious aroma. That’s why hungry bugs may gather around a new bait station as soon as you set it.

Since cockroaches can eat almost anything, they may feed on the laced food and crawl back to their hideouts. Then, they poison their kins with intoxicated urine and feces. As a result, more cockroaches die.

However, the treatment requires a few weeks to give effective results. So, you should be patient if you think the roach colony has increased overnight after setting up a bait trap.

Why Do I See More Cockroaches After Spraying?

You will likely see more roaches after spraying because you might have missed a few high roach traffic areas while applying the treatment. So, cockroaches may evacuate their hiding spots in search of new homes where they can feed, breed, and hide.

Therefore, you should never miss spraying areas that are:

  • Near air conditioners and heating ducts
  • Between wall crevices and cracks
  • Under electronic devices and appliances
  • Behind fridges and cupboards

In addition, most insect killers can not help you get rid of roach eggs. Since a single female roach can lay around 200 tiny eggs in a lifetime, removing them all is quite a challenge.

Moreover, these eggs can not be destroyed by your average insecticide. This allows the baby roaches to hatch safely after pest control.

What Should I Do Before Spraying Roaches?

To effectively eliminate cockroaches, you must ensure that your home is well prepared for the treatment. If you follow these steps carefully, roaches may not return after spraying:

Clean the House Before Pest Control

Always clean your home a few days before applying the treatment. First, check all damp areas and dry them. This step will eliminate food sources for roaches, forcing them to eat the poisonous foods you used in the bait traps.

Remove all Small Items and Appliances From Countertops

Roaches can hide in appliances and other small items placed over countertops. So, you should shift these items to open spaces to reduce the hiding space for cockroaches.

More importantly, inspect and clean your ovens, toasters, microwaves, coffee makers, fridge, etc., to prepare them for the treatment.

Vacuum Carpets

When cleaning your home, vacuum all carpet surfaces and floors. This step will help eliminate roaches and eggs hiding in the carpet fibers.

Increase Accessibility By Moving Appliances and Furniture

You need to make it easier for the insecticide to reach every corner of your home by moving the furniture.

Whether you hire professional pest controllers or do the job yourself, you should protect your appliances and furniture from poisonous substances. Doing so will help you reach cockroach nests more conveniently.

Cover Baskets, Baby Toys, and Other Supplies

Covering baby toys, crib mattresses, changing tables, and other stuff is necessary to protect them from contamination. You can use non-porous or impermeable materials to cover this stuff before storing them.

Empty Your Trash Cans

Roaches can hide in trash cans, so you should empty them before extermination. However, if it isn’t possible, you can secure the bins with lids. This will keep the pests from scattering around in search of new hideouts.

Is My Home Infested With New Roaches After Extermination?

There are certainly no new cockroaches in your home after pest control. That’s because the bugs can not multiply their population in a threat or danger.

So, the roaches you see after treatment are the ones already hiding in their nests. Then, when their homes get affected by insecticides, they come out and rush for their lives, gasping for clean air.

Eventually, the cockroaches may become sluggish and die. So, as the days go by, you’ll have to pick more corpses of the roaches living in your home for months.

How to Prevent Roaches from Returning?

Roaches are clingy pests that can return after thorough pest control. So, treating these bugs with pesticides and insecticides is not enough.

Therefore, follow these useful tricks to eliminate a roach problem from your house.

Sanitize Your Home

Cleaning your home is the first and most important thing you should do to prevent roaches from returning. Start by mopping the floors and vacuuming the carpets regularly.

You should also muster some extra strength to do the dishes before crashing into bed, as roaches love to devour the leftover food. Ensure you store your food and leftovers in airtight containers to reduce food sources for the bugs.

Lastly, clean your backyard weekly to discard any organic matter that may lure the cockroaches into your home.

Dry All Damp and Wet Areas

Roaches thrive in damp areas. However, they can’t survive a week without water. So, roach species like Oriental cockroaches love to hide in places like:

  • In basements
  • Under piles of leaves
  • Along water pipes

Therefore, you should check all damp and moist places and dry them out. In addition, you must try to fix leaks as soon as possible.

Close all Entry Points

Roaches enter your house from the tiniest gaps and crevices. Therefore, you may seal all cracks and close openings and holes between doors and windows. This will prevent roaches from accessing your home.

You can also check your furniture, groceries, and laundry before you take them home, as roaches love taking a ride in these items.

Cover Trash Cans and Empty Them

Trash cans are heaven for roaches, and they thrive in the environment these bins provide.

Garbage bins consist of decaying food, stagnant water, and organic matter. So, ensure the bins are adequately closed to keep cockroaches out. In addition, you must avoid overflowing your trash cans, so the junk doesn’t scatter on the floor.

Spread Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an effective natural pesticide against roaches. The fossilized earth is available in powder form and is lethal for insects with exoskeletons, such as cockroaches.

Using this remedy is easy as you only need to spread the powder evenly on surfaces where roaches wander around the most. Simply leave the diatomaceous earth powder for a few days and allow it to show the magic.

Should I Vacuum After Spraying?

You should not vacuum right after pest control as it can affect the treatment. However, you can vacuum your home before spraying to avoid contact with the insecticides and pesticides. As a rule of thumb, wait at least two weeks after the pest control treatment and then vacuum your house.


How Long After Bombing Do Roaches Come Out?

Roaches may take only a few days to come out after bombing or spraying. However, they usually die in around a week or two, depending on the treatment you used.

Why Am I Seeing Baby Roaches After Extermination?

You may keep seeing baby roaches a few days after extermination, as a few cockroach eggs might have survived the treatment. However, these tiny roaches may eventually die soon since the spray continues to show its effectiveness for some weeks.

Do Foggers Work in Killing Roaches?

Yes, foggers are great for killing roaches. The chemicals eliminate the pests upon contact. However, they may often worsen the infestation as cockroaches can move further into deep cracks and crevices of your homes. As a result, eradicating a roach colony from your home may become difficult for years.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to worry about finding more roaches in your home after spraying or bombing. That’s because it is a usual roach behavior to scutter in search of food and shelter after being poisoned.

Remember that using insecticides or pesticides alone as roach treatments may not yield the best results. Therefore, you should combine the chemical treatment with a few other steps, such as keeping your home clean and backyard, to achieve more effective outcomes.

Don’t forget to cover the trash cans and eliminate moisture from all house areas. If the problem persists even after doing everything, you should contact a professional pest exterminator to make the process easier.