Does Alcohol Kill Roaches?

Trying to get rid of a cockroach by using alcohol

There is no such answer to this question, as the effectiveness of alcohol against cockroaches will depend on the specific type of roach and the concentration and form of alcohol used. However, some research suggests that alcohol can effectively control cockroaches, particularly in areas already present.

Alcohol somehow works as a poison to roaches and can kill them if they contact it. This makes it a great natural roach killer. You can use alcohol to spray on surfaces where cockroaches may be hiding, or you can pour it into a trap to attract and kill the roaches.

What makes Alcohol a Strong Cockroach Killer?

There are a few different elements in alcohol that are used to kill cockroaches. The most common is ethanol, found in drinks like beer and wine. Ethanol is poisonous to cockroaches and will kill them on contact.

Other alcohols, like methanol and isopropyl alcohol, can also play an important factor in killing cockroaches. These alcohols are less commonly found in drinks, but they can create cockroach-killing solutions.

How Can alcohol benefits as Pesticide

Alcohol can also be used in many different ways, including a spray, a fogger, or a wipe. Making it versatile and convenient to use. Overall, alcohol is an excellent choice for a pesticide and provides many benefits that other pesticides cannot.

Five Benefits of Alcohol that work as a Pesticide.

There are several benefits that alcohol can provide as a pesticide. One of the most important is that it is very effective at killing pests and roaches. In addition, it is also non-toxic, which means that it is safe for both people and animals.

  • Alcohol is a powerful pesticide that can kill a variety of pests, including insects, fungi, cockroach eggs and bacteria.
  • It is non-toxic and does not have any harmful effects on humans or the environment.
  • It is affordable and easy to use. It can be applied directly to plants or sprayed in the air to kill pests.
  • Alcohol is effective against various pests, including resistance to traditional pesticides.
  • Alcohol is biodegradable and does not leave any harmful residues behind. It can be safely used in gardens and homes without posing any risk to humans or the environment.

Effect of Alcohol on Different Types of Cockroaches

Different Types of cockroaches upside down lying on the floor

There are certain ways to kill these cockroaches through alcohol.Some are quite effective on roaches but not completely proven to be fatal for them while very few are strong enough to make them paralyze . The following list consist seven types of cockroaches that are somehow non resistant to alcohol:

American cockroach

The effects of alcohol on American cockroaches are numerous. It causes the cockroaches to become intoxicated, making them slower and clumsier. They also become more susceptible to predators. It also reduces the cockroaches’ ability to reproduce.

Australian cockroach

Australian cockroaches are very sensitive to alcohol and will avoid it whenever possible. However, if the concentration of alcohol is high enough, it can be lethal to cockroaches. Alcohol can cause cockroaches to become paralyzed and unable to move. It can also disrupt their nervous system, causing them to die.

Brown-banded cockroach

The effects of alcohol on brown-banded cockroaches are mainly unknown. However, alcohol likely harms their development, behavior, and lifespan. Alcohol is poisonous to brown-banded roaches and can kill them.

German cockroach

Alcohol harms German cockroaches. When exposed to moderate levels of alcohol, cockroaches will experience slowed movement and reduced mobility. At high levels of exposure, cockroaches will die. This is because alcohol dehydrates the insects.

Blatta Oriental cockroach

Alcohol can have many adverse effects on Blatta oriental cockroaches. First, it can make them dizzy and disoriented, making them more susceptible to predators. Additionally, alcohol can damage their wings and reproductive organs.

Smokey-brown cockroach

There are many reasons why alcohol might be sprayed on smokey brown cockroaches, but the most common sense is to kill them. Alcohol is a powerful solvent that dissolves the waxy cuticle of the roach’s exoskeleton, which will cause it to dehydrate and die.

Cryptocercus punctulatus

The cause of the alcohol on Cryptocercus punctulatus is still unknown, but it is speculated that it is used as a defense mechanism. The alcohol may also be used to kill off bacteria or other microorganisms on the surface of their bodies.

Five Ways How Alcohol can prove as Cockroach killers

Alcohol is a great way to kill cockroaches. There are different ways to use alcohol to get rid of roaches, and they all work best when the cockroaches are in their early stages of development. Here are five different ways to use alcohol to kill cockroaches:

Alcohol-based sprays:

Alcohol-based sprays can kill cockroaches. However, these sprays work best when the cockroaches are in their early stages of development.

Alcohol-soaked rags:

Soaking rags in alcohol and leaving them in areas where cockroaches are frequent can help kill them.

Alcohol in dishwashing detergent:

Adding alcohol to your dishwashing detergent can help to kill cockroaches when they come into contact with it.

Alcohol as a trap:

You can also set up traps for cockroaches using alcohol. Simply pour some alcohol into a container and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. The cockroaches will be attracted to the smell of the alcohol and will drown in the dishwashing detergent.

Alcohol and bleach:

Mixing alcohol with bleach can also be an effective way to kill cockroaches. However, be sure to avoid contact with either substance, as they can be harmful to humans.


Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Cockroaches?

Yes, roaches can die from contact with rubbing alcohol. However, it’s not the most effective way to get rid of them. A better option is to use a boric acid roach bait station mixed with slight rubbing alcohol. The roaches will inhale and consume the bait and then drink the alcohol, which will kill them.

What are the ingredients in alcohol that kill roaches instantly ?

According to several sources, the ingredients in alcohol that kill roaches instantly are ethanol and methanol. These two substances can be found in liquor, beer, and wine, among other alcoholic beverages.

What other than alcohol kills Roaches Instantly?

Peppermint oil is a natural insecticide that works by disrupting the sensory organs of the cockroach, while cedarwood oil is toxic to them, and cypress oil repels them.The best roach killer is a combination of boric acid and sugar. Boric acid is a weak acid that dehydrates cockroaches, and the sugar attracts them. Put the mixture bait in a shallow dish and place it where you see roaches. Consumption of mixture will kill them instantly.

Are roaches attracted to alcohol?

Yes, roaches are attracted to alcohol, and it’s a great way to get rid of them! Mixing dish soap with four parts alcohol will create a spray that will kill any roaches on contact.

How does alcohol function as a cockroach repellent ?

When ingested, ethanol and methanol disrupt the nervous system of cockroaches, causing them to die almost instantaneously.

Does vinegar get rid of roaches?

The vinegar attracts roaches because they mistake the unpleasant odor for food. When they walk across a surface sprayed with vinegar, it will eat away at their feet and integument (the outer protective layer), causing them to die.


Cockroaches can be a nuisance and, at worst, carry diseases. But with the help of alcohol, you can rid yourself of these pests for good. Different types of alcohol work to kill cockroaches, but there are five additional benefits of using alcohol as a pesticide. Alcohol can be used as a pesticide to kill cockroaches. Different types of alcohol work on various species of cockroaches. There are five benefits of using alcohol as a pesticide: it is cheap, readily available, kills fast, leaves no residue, and does not cause any environmental damage.

Closing Notes

Consuming alcohol can be harmful, but if you are worried about roaches getting into your home furniture and kitchen, this is the time to consider alcohol as a lifesaver. It is an economical and effective method to get rid of cockroaches.