Does Ammonia Kill Roaches?

Pest control expert pouring ammonia

Cockroach infestations are pretty exhausting to cope with. First, it’s challenging to find the right product that kills them instantly, and second, it’s even harder to properly use the product on these fast-paced pests. Of course, running after them in the entire house isn’t an option.

Luckily, you can take on roaches with one easy product already present in your home — ammonia. It can keep roaches away with its pungent smell and kill them by destroying their outer skeleton.

Ammonium hydroxide (NH3) is an active ingredient in household ammonia that enables it to kill and repel several pests around your house. Only 0.1% of NH3 is enough to do the work!

If you’re tired of roaches roaming around all the time, it’s high time you use an accessible product resting in your house already. Let’s learn more about how ammonia kills and repels cockroaches, the right way of using it, and whether it can eliminate roaches’ eggs or not.

How Does Ammonia Kill Roaches?

Two types of ammonia work effectively on killing roaches: pure ammonia and household ammonia. You may already have the latter in your house for cleaning purposes.

Household ammonia is relatively safer to use than pure ammonia as it’s diluted with water. In addition, it contains 0.1 percent pure NH3, which works wonders in removing stains from floors and tiles.

However, if you want a more powerful way to kill roaches, you can easily opt for pure ammonia mixed with water to balance its corrosiveness.

Ammonia kills roaches when it comes in contact with them. It targets their exoskeleton, i.e., outer layers and tissues of their bodies, and breaks it down. Moreover, you can also use ammonia to repel cockroaches as it has a strong odor that these pests absolutely hate.

Even if your house is safe from cockroaches, but you fear their infestation, you can use ammonia in cleaning as a preventive measure.

How to Use Ammonia on Roaches?

Pure ammonia can cause corrosion in your drainage as it is highly concentrated. This type of ammonia is specially designed for industrial use.

So, it’s better to avoid using pure ammonia down the drain to get rid of roaches and other pests.

Of course, ammonia can help you kill roaches living in the drain, but you should dilute it with water before pouring it down. Water neutralizes the corrosive properties of ammonia, making it more effective against roaches.

The ideal ratio of ammonia to water should be “two-to-one or 2:1” as a general rule of thumb. This means you should mix 10 ounces of ammonia with 5 ounces of water to achieve the desired concentration.

Thus, mix 4 cups of ammonia in an 8-liter bucket filled with hot water. Now, carefully pour this mixture down your bathroom and kitchen drains to eliminate all sizes of roaches.

You should repeat this process once or twice a week to minimize the chances of corrosive drains.

Keep in mind to avoid mixing ammonia with any other solutions at home, especially bleach. Doing so can result in a violent chemical reaction that can adversely affect your other family members and pets.

So, water is the only solution to dilute ammonia to kill roaches. Leave this solution for at least two weeks after pouring it down the drains, and don’t flush any other chemicals in them in the meantime.

These preventive measures can help you reduce the chances of corrosion in the drains.

Can Ammonia Eliminate Roach Infestations Entirely?

Cockroaches infesting food cupboards

You can eliminate roach infestations with ammonia. While pure ammonia works wonders on these pests, it’s dangerous to use. The good thing is that you can eliminate roach infestations entirely from your house via diluted ammonia too.

Cockroaches’ eggs are covered with a tough, slippery layer, known as ootheca, that permits outside elements from entering. An ootheca is about 1/4 to 3/8 inches in length and may contain around 30 to 40 eggs, with a high survival percentage.

Therefore, spraying diluted ammonia on the eggs to destroy their contents won’t work. So, you have two options to eliminate roaches:

Breaking the Eggs

The first way to kill cockroach eggs is to break them to get rid of the ootheca. The unhatched roaches’ weak tissues would be visible without their outer layer. Thus, use an ammonia solution on the eggs’ exposed contents to eliminate them entirely.

Soaking the Eggs in Pure Ammonia

This option is ideal and quicker. It includes eliminating roaches by soaking their eggs in a tub or bowl of undiluted, pure ammonia solution. The stronger solution you choose, the faster it will dissolve the roaches’ eggs.

Make a solution of 2:1 ammonia to hot water in a bowl and soak the eggs in it.

Ammonia consists of nitrogen and hydrogen, both having very pungent smells. This odor is harsh enough to irritate the tiny breathing pores of roaches.

Thus, if you keep roaches in an air-tight space with ammonia, they can choke to death.

How to Use Ammonia to Repel Cockroaches?

Red cockroach closeup on white background

It’s better to take preventive measures before roaches attack your home. The best way to repel cockroaches from entering your home is by using ammonia to mop the floors.

Mix 2 cups of ammonia in 1 gallon of warm water and use this solution at every corner of your house. This will not only repel cockroaches but will also keep all the crawling bugs and pests away from your home.

Keep in mind to use this solution on your bathroom and kitchen cupboards and cabinets to clear out any hidden roaches infestation. Also, don’t forget to reach behind and under your refrigerator, coffee makers, pantry, and kitchen sink.

When the water looks dirty, change it with a new ammonia solution to maintain its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people are looking for answers to:

Does Ammonia Kill Bugs?

Yes, ammonia kills bugs and roaches effectively. It also repels bugs, roaches, and other pests from entering your home.

Is it Safe to Use Ammonia for Roaches at Home?

It is safe to use ammonia for roaches at home. However, always dilute it in a 2:1 ammonia to water ratio before pouring it down your drain or mopping your floors.

What Pests Does Ammonia Repel?

Ammonia repels all sorts of crawling and flying pests and bugs, such as cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, lawn bugs, and crops’ pests.

Wrapping Up

Ammonia is a potent roach killer and repellent. The presence of ammonium hydroxide (NH3) in its composition gives it the power to destroy the roaches’ outer skeleton and kill them.

You can also use ammonia to repel pests and bugs from entering your house. Just mix 2 cups of ammonia in a gallon of warm water and mop your floors and all the suspected areas of your home.

Remember never to use pure ammonia in your drains. Instead, always dilute it with water in a 2:1 ratio before using it to prevent your drains from corrosion.

Lastly, if the roach population gets out of your hands, it’s better to contact professional pests exterminators to get done with it quickly.